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The Ultimate Guide to Wall Mounted Towel Holders

by Gary S 06 Jun 2024
wall mounted towel holder


“I needed extra space and this towel rack allowed me to showcase my towels. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy, and looks nice.” Wall Mounted Towel Holders from Sorbus Home are getting some glowing reviews, and for a good reason. With these towel holders, you can store your linen or towels in a vertical style, so they are always easy to reach. Not to mention, it looks super stylish and decorative on your bathroom wall. Oh, and take your pick between black, white, or silver. 

From Sorbus Home, we have 6-tier towel holders available. These can also be called “rolled towel racks” and can conveniently hold 6 towels at once. But there are more types available on the market. Each offers functionality and style, for different decor tastes. 

Curious to know what they are?

Types of Wall-Mounted Towel Holders

  • Towel bars. Found in most bathrooms - these are the most basic or simple type of towel holders, which are a single bar that can be mounted horizontally on the wall. They can hold multiple towels at the same time, and are typically less expensive than more advanced towel racks. This makes an excellent choice for those with small bathrooms.
  • Towel rings. These are traditional circular or semi-circular holders, you’ll find in most bathrooms. Commonly, towel rings are used to hang small towels, as they are quite small in size. Either way, you’ll get the whole minimalist and classy look in your bathroom, with these.
  • Hooks. To save some bathroom space and get an even simpler towel holder, hooks are the way to go. They’re used to hang towels, and because they’re discreet, you’ll see why they are increasingly popular.
  • Towel racks. Then, you can get a towel rack featuring multiple horizontal bars, allowing you to hang multiple towels simultaneously. And get them in various sizes, too. To get some warmth and an extra luxurious feel from your towels, hang them on heated towel racks. These racks significantly speed up the drying process, and why not use them to dry your clothes too?
  • Shelves with towel bars. For even extra storage space, these are great. You can store items plus hang your towels at the same time. Mount it to the wall or leave it free-standing. Food for thought: many modern towel shelves in the market today are ideal for stylish bathrooms. Did you know that bamboo is a popular towel shelf material right now?

  • Which one will you choose? We can help you choose one that fits your space, style, and needs.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wall-Mounted Towel Holder

    • Assess your bathroom space. It’s important to measure the area to determine the best size and dimensions. If you have a small bathroom - small racks, or ones mounted to the wall will be more suitable. If there is enough wall space, that is. And then for bigger spaces, this may allow for a freestanding towel rack. 
    • Choose the right type. Whether the space allows it or not, you might have certain preferences and functionalities in mind. Think about your likes and dislikes in a towel holder.
    • Material finish. Common materials include stainless steel, chrome, brass, wood, and plastic. It’s best to look at the durability of the wall-mounted towel holder, and the maintenance needed, when making your choice.
    • Storage capacity. It depends on how many towels you want to store. For a large family, you’ll need a rack with multiple bars that can accommodate many towels. But also one that doesn’t overcrowd the space. If it’s for a small guest bathroom, then perhaps a ring rack will be enough.
    • Style and aesthetics. For sure, different towel racks have certain aesthetics and some give a more stylish look, than others. There are vintage, modern, minimalist, rustic options and much more to choose from.
    • Installation and maintenance. Make sure that you are comfortable with the installation method and have the right tools or professional assistance, to get the job done well. For instance, wall mounted racks often require drilling and mounting, while freestanding racks offer more flexibility. Heated towel racks may require electrical connections. Also, consider the cleaning and maintenance of it. 

    Installation Guide for Wall-Mounted Towel Holders

    • Gather your tools and materials (level, screwdriver, pencil, ruler, screws, and tape measure).
    • Choose where you want the towel holder to go.
    • Hold the towel holder against the wall and mark the mounting holes.
    • Drill pilot holes.
    • Insert wall anchors (if necessary).
    • Mount the towel holder.
    • Check the level of the towel holder, making sure that it is straight.
    • Put the towels in the rack and test the stability. See if you need to make adjustments.

    Styling Tips for Wall-Mounted Towel Holders

    Styling your wall-mounted towel holder can enhance your bathroom. Here’s how quickly. 

    1. Choose a towel holder that looks good with the existing decor of your bathroom. 
    2. Place the towel holder in a convenient and accessible location.
    3. Create symmetry, by installing matching towel holders on either side of a vanity or mirror. 
    4. Mix and match textures and materials to add visual interest to your bathroom. 
    5. Add decorative elements such as artwork, plants, or candles around the towel holder.
    6. Layer the towels. Play with varying sizes, colors, and textures to add depth and dimension to the display.
    7. Keep it Neat and Tidy. Avoid overcrowding the space, and fold and arrange towels often. 

    Top Brands and Product Recommendations

    While there are many places you can buy wall-mounted towel holders from, Sorbus Home stands out as a top choice, for functionality and style. But, if you’re looking for other brands, Inter Design offers sleek designs, and Franklin Brass gives some durable options. But, Sorbus Home provides top-notch products that have easy assembly, sturdy build, and stylish appeal. 

    Maintenance and Care Tips

    To keep your wall-mounted towel holder in good condition, clean it regularly with a mild detergent and water solution, then dry it properly so it doesn't get water spots. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals, as these can damage the finish. Check it sometimes, to ensure that it is still mounted well and there aren’t any loose screws. You could also remove the towels and wipe down the holder and surrounding wall area to prevent too much moisture.


    In conclusion, to find the perfect bathroom wall mounted towel holders, you should consider space, style, and functionality - all at the same time. We invite you to hang up your towels in style. It’s time to go shopping for wall-mounted towel holders from Sorbus Home, today.

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