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Meat Claws - Sorbus Home
Meat Claws - Sorbus Home
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Meat Claws


Are you tired of carving and shredding through meats with dinner forks and knives? Our meat handling claws are the ultimate tool for lifting, turning, carving, shredding, or carrying hot meat and chicken. They are perfect for outdoor grilling or indoor cooking, even for tossing salad and serving cold food. These assembly free claws allow you to tear through meats without burning or cramping your hands. Paws are made of hard durable plastic with stay cool handles and sharp claws that won’t break, bend, or melt. The hollowed-backed prongs are easy to grip and shred through meat instantly. Shaped in the form of bear claws, these heat resistant meat handlers ensure that your hands will not burn and meat will not stick. After use, simply put these hassle-free claws in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean.

Product Features:

  • Shaped like bear claws to make meal prep faster and easier.
  • Lifts, turns, carves, shreds, or carries meat and other foods.
  • Hollowed-backed prongs improve grip.
  • Can be used for hands of any size.
  • For outdoor BBQ grilling or indoor cooking.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.
  • The full “paw” measures approximately 4-1/4 inches wide.
  • Tines are approximately 1-3/4 inches.