Acrylic Bird Feeder – Sorbus Home
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Acrylic Bird  Feeder - Sorbus Home
Acrylic Bird  Feeder - Sorbus Home
Acrylic Bird  Feeder - Sorbus Home
Acrylic Bird  Feeder - Sorbus Home
Acrylic Bird  Feeder - Sorbus Home
Acrylic Bird  Feeder - Sorbus Home
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Acrylic Bird Feeder


Enjoy the vibrant, majestic beauty of bird watching! This crystal clear bird feeder features a pitched roof, removable feeding tray, and four suction cups for stability on any glass window or door. Watch outdoors as bluebirds, cardinals, and other wild birds flock to the feeder for a tasty meal. The suction cups ensure this feeder stays put while preventing it from bumping against your window or door. When it rains or snows, the pitched roof and built-in drainage holes allow the seeds to dry, keeping your feathered friends coming back for more. Hang anywhere to beautifully complement the view of your patio, lawn, or garden.

Product Details:

  • BIRDHOUSE WINDOW FEEDER ( TRIANGLE PITCHED ROOF STYLE) — Feed and attract multiple birds at once with with a clear up close view — Features large raised roof, three rubber perches, suction cups, and removable tray for easy cleaning and refilling
  • SEE BIRDS CLOSER THAN EVER — Ideal bird houses for outside home, garden, nature, and bird lovers — Great for backyard, garden, patio window, and more— Provides live bird house entertainment while you sip morning coffee, work near office window, entertain guests, kids, elderly, children, Cats, & Dogs, etc — Makes great house gifts
  • EASY ACCESS — Easy for birds to spot from a distance — Drain holes in both the feeder and the removable inner tray ensure moisture passes through the bottom — Top cover protects both birds and seed from rain and snow — Peaked roof and enclosed sides make this feeder virtually squirrel proof, simply mount high up away from jumping points
  • REMOVABLE TRAY — Easy to clean and refill — Drain holes keep water from pooling in the birdseed so it stays fresh far longer — A clear frame birdhouse lets you check seed level at glance — Simply pull out tray to refill with fresh supply
  • PITCHED ROOF DESIGN — Four premium suction cups ensures the bird feeder stays put, stable, and prevents scratching, bumping against your window or glass door — Peaked roof style window bird feeder made of durable acrylic plexi-glass — Weatherproof — Compact and lightweight — (Seeds NOT INCLUDED) — Measures approximately 8” L x 4” W x 7.50”